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On Cloud 9 for a Surf Comp
The Siargao Cloud 9 Surfing Cup will commence from the 24-28th of September this year with $15,000 in prize money to be fought over. The one star QS event will be a great and welcome addition to the competition circuit.
Cutting Edge, Insightful, and Eye Opening talk show about the Happenings in Bali and Surrounding Islands. Hosted by Kay Armanousa, bringing you the different sides beyond what you normally hear from the News, and other Media. Tune in every Sunday
Deep Sea Explorers - EP Launching: Atlantis
Deep Sea Explorers, one of the most exciting garage rock band on the island has stopped by our studio to present you their new E.P., Atlantis.
EXPLORE BALI Bali. One of the 17'508 islands of the Indonesian archipelago. And yet a place like none others. Bali is home to highly sophisticated art forms like dancing, music, painting, wood-carving and handcrafts. Balinese people live their
Bedugul, so far so close
Take a trip to the floating temple
The Drop
On the beat and in the barrel, bringing you all your surfing related news from the island of Bali.
Words on the Street
From Fordham to Paris, from Tokyo to Rio, from hardcore to mainstream, from Run DMC to Jay-Z, here is an extensive overview of the rap game.
Temple Anniversary Ceremonies
Click here to view the full list of the temple anniversary ceremonies and more, coming up in September and October!
Cool Cat Sundays
They don’t make’em like that anymore! Put on your most classy hat, suit up, pour yourself an old whiskey and light up a cigar. Now you are ready! Now here is a little pearl we caught (thanks Youtube) so you can feel the cool vibes of a time
Railroad Troubadours


As of today, Rupiah has gone down to 12,045 to the dollar, and is predicted to continue to weaken over the next few weeks. This economic dwindling phenomenon is said to have been caused by the foreseeable increase interest in borrowing rates by the Federal of Open Market Committee (FOMC). However, the FOMC meeting resulted in the delay of interest ...

Surfing on Cloud 9

You may have heard or the infamous wave, seen for a quick minute in the opening scenes of Francis Ford Coppola's classic 'Apocalypse Now'. The hollow right hander discovered recently in the late 1980s and named after a candy bar is the one of the sweetest right handers on the plant. But don't let the sweet origins of the name fool you as

Mos Def at Warehouse 82

From time to time, Bali is blessed with the presence of internationally reknown artists, like Snoop Dogg, Fat Boy Slim, or John Legend (just to name a few), who come to perform, and probably get a little taste of the Island of Gods.   This time, it's hip-hop artist /actor Mos Def who hosted an awesome party in o ne of the

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Bali is indeed known for some pretty awesome kinds of magic it has. And while that’s all amazing, many tourists who have visited the island also couldn’t help but wonder about the whole other magic- related phenomenon which has been going on forever.  It’s the magic mushrooms phenomenon! As most of us have noticed by


Matajiwa’s ‘SATU’: The Sounds of Experience, Experiment and Expression

The super happening month of August has come and gone, but awesome things keep on rocking this island for sure! The fact that Bali is a good magnet for dope artists and musicians to come down and simply chill but also perform has created a music scene that never dies, as someone is always throwing their first or last or only gig of their Bali...